Tower Foreman
The Foreman will be responsible for assuring the successful execution of projects on site. They will assign tasks to crew members, identify necessary project materials, maintain and track all company assets, manage all customer interaction on site and complete all reporting and project documentation. The Foreman is responsible for effectively leading sub-contractors and a crew from the start of a project to completion keeping safety, quality, budget and timelines in mind. The Foreman is also responsible for reading a set of plans and having the ability to build a BOM based on those plans with forethought of potential issues that may occur during the build out process. Ability to build each site based on the set of plans provided by the client and understand how to effectively sweep and PIM test all coax lines and fiber per the client’s specifications.The Foreman will also ensure proper use of all safety equipment and adherence to all safety procedures as well as compliance with all OSHA regulations on site.
Manages field team and project to insure safe and quality work from all EWS field employees and for each specific job for the customer’s we service. Has excellent communication skills and is consistently available to take calls and check emails in order to keep in contact with all parties involved. Be able to insure their crew will complete each project on time, on budget, and correctly.
Tower Foreman must have 3-5 years of cell site construction experience. Must have at least ONE year of leading a tower crew. Candidates should be able to read design documents, compile material requirements, and perform all types of cell site antenna and line installations. Candidates should also be highly organized, have good project management and people management skills, be good at paperwork, running reports and work show true leadership skills to lead a team. Must be willing to travel to cell sites for work. Candidates must maintain a safe work environment and follow safety procedures of the company, OSHA, and client request. A minimum three years directly related leadership experience with construction background (general contractor experience preferred) Must have the ability to PIM test antennas and coax lines. Strong consultative, organizational, interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills. Must have previous site management experience as well as experience at maintaining a good relationship with the client and suppliers. Must have hands-on experience with directing the activities of sub-contractors and crews for electrical, civil and structural construction. Ability to read and redline engineered drawings is required. Proficiency in Word, Excel and Outlook. Successful candidates will be high energy, a strong decision maker, and have the interpersonal skills necessary to complete the job ensuring construction is completed accurately per clients specs, and in a timely manner. Ability to review and submit a complete turnover package to our PC department once a project is complete.
Required to provide crew members with on-site training as needed. 2-3 Years directly related to Field Supervision within the Telecommunications industry preferred. Capstan and rigging experience. Experience working at an elevated height. Experience with line sweep testing, Anritsu and PIM certification. Comtrain certification for climbing/CPR/OSHA. Ability to read RFDS sheets and other RF materials.  
Working Conditions/Physical Requirements: Ability to climb tall structures (100 feet or more) with 50 lb load to perform work at altitudes of up to 12,000 feet. Ability to lift heavy objects (up to and in excess of 35 pounds). Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions. Availability to work irregular hours and/or respond to emergency call-outs on a 24 hour basis. Ability to travel extensively throughout the state. Qualified Tower Foreman candidates must be trustworthy, hardworking individuals, able to climb towers, and work at heights for extended periods of time.
Candidates must be experienced in all aspects of line and antenna system installation, replacement and maintenance (including coax, jumpers, TMAs, connectors, weatherproofing, etc.).
Candidates must have experience with testing (PIM, Fiber, Sweep, etc.)
Candidates must have proper safety and climbing training (Comtrain, OSHA, RF Awareness, CPR, First Aid, etc.) Candidate must have strong background with hand tools. Candidates  need to have experience in: LTE, UMTS, AAV, GSM and New site construction.  *Must be able to provide a clean driving record, pass a background test, and drug screening.*
The person occupying the position of Tower Foreman shall organize and direct the project site work, Foreman will be responsible to follow policies and procedures relating to the project site work. Will need to supervise, train, motivate and discipline the apprentices and tower hands. Inspect and approve all work performed by crew. Schedule and coordinate with all local authorities for required inspections. Complete work in a timely and efficient manner by planning, prioritizing and mobilizing staff, materials and subcontractors to meet progression schedule. Identify all materials and other resources needed to complete project. May identify construction "punch list" of items to be remedied and ensure they are completed prior to customer's inspection. May finalize all inspections to close out projects. Ensure tasks assigned to crew are completed in timely, quality manner. Train and assist employees in completing tasks. Professionally interact with client's representatives. Document site work with proper photos and needed special inspections. Will also need to guarantee good company relations with our customers. You will report directly to a project/construction manager.
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