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If you are interested in joining the Engineering Wireless Services team and don't see a position that exactly fits you, please submit your resume here.  Please let us know what you think your strengths are and what would be the best way to utilize them. Please also advise as to what type of position you are looking for in your next career. 
We will continue to review your resume and contact you when a position that matches your skill set becomes available!
If you have the following qualities, we would love to look at your resume and see if we can find a great position for you at EWS.

 Team Player with a positive attitude.
 Good communication skills and ability and desire to work well with others.
 Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines in a fast paced environment.
 Detail oriented.
 Dependable and reliable.
 Trust worthy.
 Capable of multi-tasking.
 Fast learner and able to retain knowledge.
 Dependable transportation.
 Must have a clean driving record and be able to pass a background & drug screening.
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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quick Base often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quick Base finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quick Base needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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